Creating a beautiful Entrance

Have you ever taken note of your first impression of someone’s house upon your entry? Have you ever thought someone may have a first impression of your home when they open the front door into your space? Let me share some tips on how to create a good first impression! This will set the mood for your gathering!

You will want to make sure that the entrance way is free of clutter. When you, your family or a guest arrives inside your home, the mood is set right away for their visit. My suggestions include making a statement focal point upon entering. This can be a beautiful art piece over a modern bench, or an end table with a vase, lamp and mirror. 

Having this clear, de-cluttered space designed with intention will create a “wow factor” for your guest. It will also make you appreciate being home after a getaway. Walking through your front door will always make you feel happy to be home if you create this space with intention. 

There are so many things you can have fun picking out for your entrance. I personally really LOVE picking out light fixtures that draw your attention up to the ceiling creating magnificent height. I love picking out textiles such as a flattering carpet to go underneath the entrance end-table. A beautiful antique coat rack would go well with minimalist planter next to it. 

One of my favourite ideas is a set of two or three chairs and a coat rack above it. You can create an artistic salon waiting area vibe at your front entrance. This would be helpful if your guest is waiting for the ladies in your life to finish putting on their makeup before going on their outing. You can add throw pillows, framed paintings of greenery and a wooden basket of white guest slippers similar to ones you would find in a spa. 

I love creating entrance spaces. It’s often such a neglected area, yet brings in a first impression, a judgement, an excitement and a sense of welcome. 

If you don’t have the budget to find new things, you can thrift! It’s one of my favourite things to do. I love looking on Facebook marketplace and thrift stores for hidden gems. A lot of the time I can find real wooden antique pieces at a much better price! Having a vision and putting it together is so exciting. 

You don’t always have to buy things to create this entrance space. For a while, I just made sure upon entry that the shoes were tucked in the closet. I made sure all the coats and umbrellas were put away and a fresh pair of slippers were out so I can slip into them. I always make sure my walls and floors are clean. I also have a secret. I haven’t told anyone this one before, but in case you don’t have an essential oil diffuser, make a little spray bottle up of water, tea tree oil, lavender, lemon, peppermint or any other beautiful spa-like aroma and spray it in your entrance way just before your guest arrives. 

Those are a few of my favourite tips on creating a unique and irresistible entrance way! Until my next blog, enjoy these little tips and have fun with it! Remember, designing is a creative craft. It should be enjoyable and exciting!  

Stylish white front door of modern house