When you walk into someone’s home, you can tell so much about their life and personality. From their use of lighting, art, floors, and windows. I could go on and on. The title “Interior Design” is not just about filling your space with décor, it’s about creating specific energy in your home. I personally think creating a vision board or writing a list of what you want your house to feel like is a great start at planning your interior design. Before I moved into my home, I visualized what I wanted it to feel like. I then started looking for specific pieces of furniture and made sure they flow from one room to the next. After I picked the furniture that I wanted, I thought about mirrors and artwork. I remember going into art stores and standing in front of paintings to see which ones pulled at my creative heartstrings. You should always pick what you love and not what is “trendy” or in style at this current time. In the end, it is YOUR home. It is your story to tell.

Another strong point I wanted to mention is your use of light. Understanding different forms of light that create a certain mood. Choose light fixtures and technology that create beautiful and natural energy. This includes lights that dim in the nighttime, lamps, candles, and window light. Mimicking the natural light from the morning, mid-day, and nighttime. There is a reason why we have moonlight and sunlight. These forms of light are natural and easy for our eyes to process.

I would personally recommend lights that can dim, especially in sitting areas and the kitchen, and adding a few lamps in dark places. I would recommend the use of natural light wherever it is possible. Allowing the sunlight to come into your space is healthy and can brighten the mood of your home. Making sure that whatever lighting you choose; is easy on your eyes. Do not put curtains on windows, just because you can. Do not block your natural light. Natural light is a gift to your home. If you choose curtains, choose your curtain rods, length of curtain, color, and fabric with intention. Make your home an extension of your inner creative world.

Do not be afraid to shop in multiple places for linens, mirrors and light fixtures. Just remember the flow of your design and try pick out pieces that flow together.

Remembering that practical pieces can also be stylish pieces. Pick each and every piece out with intention. Get the help you need, but do not let anyone project their opinions of how they would like to see your home onto you. It is your home to cherish, to love and to live in.

Picking out pieces for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. Start with a vision and ask yourself if every piece of furniture goes with your vision. Understand that by adding small details, you can turn something bland into a piece of art. Re-painting, refurbishing, and re-creating can make a wonderful difference. Also, understand that you do not need to start from scratch. Do not get overwhelmed. If you already have a living space that you are not in love with, start with one room at a time. You are never stuck! Designing is a really fun and creative task if it is something that interests you. I’m looking forward to assisting you on your designing journey!